20. Der phantastische Trashfilm Festival in Kassel vom 24.-26.04.2025










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Since 2004 we have brought 520 films to the screen in Kassel. In 2025, our anniversary, the 20th festival, will take place at the Cineplex/Capitol cinema in Kassel.
Colorful, loud and weird, that are the films that our audience loves.
The “der phantastische internationale Trashfilm” festival in Kassel is made by filmmakers for filmmakers. Only here do extraordinarily, small and large productions compete side by side to gain the favor of the audience.

Attention. Horror film friends watch out, on Creepy Thursday, shocking shorts appear to scare the audience.

Honoring’s and prices:
There is a total of 1300,- euros in prize money to be won.
Filmmakers present can also receive our small trash trophies when they win the first place.

Audience Award „Creepy Thrusday“:
1st place: 150,- Euro
2nd place: 100,- Euro
3rd place: 50,- Euro

Audience Award Friday German:
1st place: 100,- euros.
Audience Award Friday International:
1st place: 100,- euros.
Audience Award Saturday German:
1st place: 100,- euros.
Audience Award Saturday International:
1st place: 100,- euros.

Young Jury Prize of all  screening films (jury is made up of film enthusiasts aged 18 to 22) „Best of the Fest“:
1st place: 300,- euros
2nd place: 200,- euros
3rd place: 100,- euros

Kassel/Cineplex Award:
You can win an annual subscription to Cineplex/Capitol from all contributions shown from Kassel and within a 50 kilometer radius.

Rules and Conditions:
1. We accept all films that have strange, crazy and/or interesting content.
2. Selected films must be available as a requested screening copy 4 weeks before the event.
3. All non-German language films must be in English or with English subtitles.
4. Films should not be older than 4 years.
5. We do not pay any screening fees.
6. Participation fees are not refundable.
7. For the “Creepy Thrusday” Award, films must be between 1 and 30 minutes long and can be assigned to the scary, dark comedy and horror genres.
8. We only accept the following genres: Horror, Comedy, SciFi, Fantasy and Trash or all in one.
9. We only consider feature films 1 – 30, minutes with a story.
10. We offer the TRASHFILM KIDS/NEW MEDIA platform free of charge for young filmmakers. ATTENTION only for filmmakers aged 12 – 16 years. Please only films no longer than 5 min. If we notice that the filmmakers are older, the projects will not be passed on to the jury for review.
12. Please submit experimental short films and music videos in the supporting program category. Maximum length 5 minutes.

We reserve the right to classify films in different categories than those submitted if, in our opinion, this fits the program better.

Thank you and “ACTION”